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Narcissa Malfoy is the only known member of Voldemort’s inner circle not to have taken the Dark Mark.  First and foremost a mother, she was ruthless in doing whatever it took to keep her family together; maintaining her status while her husband was imprisoned in Azkaban and later becoming only the third person known to have deceived The Dark Lord.  Narcissa was calm where her sister was crazed, restrained where her husband was reckless and self-assured where her son aimed to prove himself.  Narcissa knew what mattered most and was a key factor in Harry Potter’s survival and Voldemort’s demise.
Narcissa Malfoy is the Head Bitch In Charge.


one time my sister was working at home depot and got called down to help handle an outrageously angry man returning a lawnmower and it was our dad

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some guy just knocked on my door and said “ben?” last time i checked i am not a ben

he just did it again and i had a moment of self doubt like

maybe i am ben

If your name is Glory then I have some news for you …..

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so my dad texted me this and said “i think i just beat 2048” jfc


i dont chase after men but if he has tattoos and muscles a bitch just might power walk

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I hardly see any heroic posts about Muslims on here, so here you go.

It’s iron fist yall

Good fucking job dude.